Our Home, Your Home.

Nadon Family Home has shown its commitment to high quality care for a diverse range of Alaskan communities.

Our team has a holistic approach to addressing the needs of the individuals we support to create a lifelong, positive impact on the families we serve. Our goal is simple: to provide Alaskans of all abilities with safe, positive, and meaningful care, and help them achieve their dreams.

We offer clients the best in-home experience while meeting their needs and addressing any issues and concerns that they may have.

About our Group Homes

  • The Nadon Family Home provides comfortable, pleasant living spaces that include any necessary accommodations for our residents, including food, medication administration, personal bedrooms, shared spaces, and more. All of our homes have a live-in staff that create an environment of safety and care while also providing teaching and training help each resident attain higher levels of independence and home skills.

  • We work closely with residents’ guardians, families, care coordinators, and other primary supports to ensure that our home meets the needs of every resident and encourages them to continue to grow in their skills and abilities.

Our Locations

6955 Caravelle Dr., Anchorage, AK

2211 W. 48th Ave., Anchorage, AK

29003 Kingfisher Dr., Anchorage, AK

1506 Luke St., Fairbanks, AK

40465 S Parks Hwy, Susitna North, AK

NFH Thanksgiving.jpg

Take a sneak peek into one of our homes, with furniture made by our own residents through our supported employment program!

We love to give our homes personal touches and are so proud of what our residents are capable of doing! They were taught the carpentry skills to make these amazing pieces of furniture.

Contact us about possible openings in one of our group homes here.