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We made goodie bags with snacks and drinks to hand out to the homelesss.

Nadon Family Home, or NFH, is an agency based out of Anchorage, Alaska that started in 2016. We pride ourselves in giving our residents and clients the highest quality of care possible. Our goal is to provide support, resources, encouragement and a welcoming environment for all. We specialize in working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which we prefer to use the term special abilities because we know that these individuals are capable of more than we know.

Our Services

At Nadon Family Home, we provide several services for individuals with special abilities. We have several group homes throughout Alaska. We also provide Supported Employment and Day Habilitation services. Our goal is to support our clients and to provide the highest quality of care as possible.

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What Resources Are Out There?

Are you looking for more resources to help yourself or a loved one? We are happy to direct you to several options around Alaska that are great starting places for help with education, training, and more! Follow the link below to find locations, websites, and phone numbers for several resource centers in Alaska.

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Stepping It Up

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest program, a graduation program for high-functioning individuals with special abilities to achieve full independence from government assistance programs. We train and guide individuals through this process over several years to equip them total independence. Apply here.

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Our Homes

We have several assisted living homes across Alaska. We have several homes in the Anchorage area, one in Fairbanks and one in Talkeetna. Check our availability below!

“In general from living at Nadon Home, he’s just become much more independent and more self-confident, and particularly since starting working… He takes pride in his work, which really shows, and he just seems much happier.”

— Parent of NFH Resident


Our Agency

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