Stepping It Up

Stepping It Up is a roughly four-year program that sets clients up to be independent. Our goal is to be able to prepare individuals to become independent of government assistance programs with the gradual reduction of services.

In order to meet that goal, we teach our clients the skills needed to replace those programs. We have four categories of development that we feel are necessary aspects in obtaining independence. Each one has goals associated with its respective category.


Another aspect of this program is NFH’s ongoing partnership with Gateway to the Arctic Camp. This program is currently based at the camp, in Talkeetna, Alaska, for several reasons. We believe that a rural environment is helpful to reduce distractions and allows hand-on education in carpentry, farming and other trades. Additionally, it’s a safe, controlled environment where our clients can meet many other people such as volunteers who come to the camp year-round. Research has only shown that “horticulture-related activities build up strength, memory, balance, motion, and socialization skills” (DiNaldo, M.F., 2007).

For more detailed information look at our program binder here.


Program Overview

We are excited about the introduction to our new program, Stepping It Up! This program is designed to encourage and support our higher functioning clients in their efforts to become totally independent. Please watch this short overview video of Stepping It Up, and contact us with any inquiries about being in Stepping It Up on our contact page.

Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS)

As part of our program, we begin with an intake process that involves an assessment and an interview. We want to ensure the success of our clients that enter into the program, and also we aim to formulate specific goals in order to achieve the desired level of independence of the client. We use the AFLS as a measure for where clients are currently at, and the steps to take to get them to be fully independent of assistance.

This assessment was created by two Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) for the purpose of assessment and goal forming. This tool looks at functional living skills, which are daily skills that we use in everyday life that help us to function independently, these are skills that can vary from brushing your teeth and getting dressed in the mornings, to being able to drive a car or map out your bus route to get around town. All are skills that we need in everyday life and help us to transition through daily activities smoothly.

To learn more about this assessment and for examples of what areas they look at, check out their website: